“ZFX has the most comfortable harness in the industry.” – Cathy Rigby

Cathy Rigby knows!  She’s logged many frequent flyer miles and knows which harness she prefers – ours!  

ZFX designs, manufactures and tests all our harnesses in-house, so we are able to continually think of ways to improve them and we never stop innovating.

Here are a few of our established styles as well as a few of our specialty items:

Single Point Harness – Connected to a backplate in between the performer’s shoulder blades, these harnesses are perfect for dynamic, Peter Pan style flying!

Seat Harness – These harnesses are designed for the performer who wants to fly comfortably without requiring too much movement from the performer.  Frequently used for Angels and ascensions.

Somersault Harness – These two-point harnesses have swivels positioned on the performer’s hips, allowing for flips and fun, versatile movement.

Triple Point Harness – Stuck on deciding between a Somersault and Single Point harness?  Don’t worry, we created this harness so performers can easily switch between different flying systems without needing  a quick change!

Tarzan Harness – These harnesses were designed specifically for our Tarzan clients who wanted a harness for swinging across the stage!

Twisty Ring Harness – This harness allows the performer to flip and to spin 360 degrees.  Often used with a 3D system.  Flying barrel rolls are not for the faint of heart!

We also make custom-built flying harnesses for original productions. We can design harnesses for your specific application and performer – from idea to prototype to testing to finished version all in one shop.  “Others” buy generic harnesses created for the film and stunt industry.  They may work well for motion pictures or for videos that can be digitally edited.  They are not designed for the needs of live productions, however, and are not created for easy and discreet hookup in front of a live audience.  Also, performer comfort is extremely important while wearing a flying harness for a two-hour performance.  Stunt harnesses are simply not made for long periods of wear or for singing when your performer needs to hit that high note every night!

To learn more about our selection of harnesses, or to begin placing your order, please visit the Harnesses section on Z-Bay.

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