Scenic automation at the Imagine Dragons performance

Scenic Automation

At ZFX, we are first and foremost a flying company, with a focus on the artistic part of the effect. But when automation is the right tool for the job, we’re pretty damn good at it. Our scenic automation systems make flying easy and are trusted by productions around the world.

Custom-built winch for stage flight

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The ZFX team uses our eZ-Hoist line of products. Hoists, winches, automation controls and more – all designed and manufactured in-house by our American craftsmen. ZFX’s eZ-Hoist products, training and on-site services will get your set moving.

Ez-Hoist Products


Fabrication Capabilities

When your vision is beyond what our stock products offer, our in-house fabrication shop can produce just about anything you can imagine. We can design, build, wire, program and test custom hoists in our U.S. manufacturing facility, with a turnaround time that’s unbeatable.

Custom fabricated stage automation machinery

ZFX is world class and I have come to expect nothing less than the best from them over the years.
The gear is top notch and the service is second to none. I greatly admire the American Craftsman Culture that ZFX embraces as a company. I am consistently blown away at the high quality of gear and service that I receive from the ZFX team. Whether it is a pulley, a somersault harness, a high speed winch or a phone call with the service manager I have had nothing but good experiences with ZFX. The ZFX crew has always taken great care to assist us at Sight & Sound Branson in our stunt rigging endeavors. In short…. ZFX has been TIME & MONEY / WELL / SPENT ZFX friends, thank you for being awesome.
– Shad Clarkson, Lead Rigger, Sight & Sound Theatre Branson

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