Mary Poppins flying on the stage

Performer Flying

ZFX’s performer flying services include everything you need to go from original concept to opening night and beyond. We will provide your team with

  • Expert pre-production advice
  • Custom-built flying systems
  • Effective choreography
  • Skilled and safe installation
  • Start-to-finish consultation
Performers practicing with flying rigging
Stage choreography for flight

Flying Directors

Bring your vision to the air

Each project is led by a Flying Director – a magical combination of choreographer, rigger, and diplomat. They direct the production team, train your crew, and lead the install.

Our Gear & harnesses

are the best in the business

At ZFX, we design, fabricate, and test all our gear and harnesses in-house. Our work has been battle-tested in productions around the world, and is known for its design and production quality.

Custom flying harnesses for performers
ZFX has been providing the flying rigs for our award winning Majesty Of Christmas show for several years now.
Their equipment and customer service are second to none. Our safety record while working with them has been spotless and what has the potential to be one of the more difficult aspects of the production is actually seamless due to their professionalism and attention to detail. I highly recommend them!
– Ben McTyre, Manager of Entertainment, Six Flags Fiesta TExas


standard crowd pleasers

ZFX offers performer flying and automation packages for all the most popular theatre productions.

Past production


Fly Higher
with ZFX