seamlessly incorporate your aerial act into virtually any venue or event

Whether it’s on a cruise ship, in a club or at a festival event, ZFX has the knowledge and experience to create what you envision. From custom gimmickry magic to high-flying thrilling specialty acts, ZFX will make your performance lift off! 

We’ve worked with a long list of aerial clients, including Broadway shows, cruise ships, event production houses and film/TV productions, and will help you design an exciting performance that’s tailored for your audience, venue and occasion. Our expert staff of certified experts ensure that your performance is safe and worry-free.

Aerialist in flight on stage
Aerialist using ZFX's stage rigging

The right tools

For any flying Job

Decades of experience have helped us create the technical tools to achieve our lofty artistic goals. Our gear is specifically manufactured, rated and tested for human flight. Beyond wire flying, ZFX is also a manufacturer of custom-built equipment made just for aerialist flying, so you never have to second-guess if the gear is rated for human lifting. Which means you can be sure your show will go off without a hitch.

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