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ZFX offers performer flying and automation packages for all the most popular theatre productions (And the not-so-popular ones)! We fly anything and everything.


Perhaps you have a vision of the Genie floating by on a magic carpet – or maybe A Whole New World just happens to be your favorite song? Rent Aladdin’s flying carpet which is suspended by four points, has a plush carpet top that’s very comfy to sit on and can fly two people (and maybe 1 monkey!). You know you want to try it!

mary poppins

Putting on your own rendition of the hit Broadway musical Mary Poppins? Look no further than ZFX for all the gear and expertise you’ll need to take flight. Talk to one of our flying experts to get moving.

Peter pan

We have everything you need to stage everyone’s favorite family musical – Peter Pan! Our expert staff can advise you and provide all the props and gear you’ll need to fly Tinker Bell and Peter on-stage.

Willy Wonka

Need a Wonkavator but don’t know where to turn? You’re in the right place! Our Wonkavator is made to fly and can be put together by you, your crew and our Flying Director onsite. Our Wonkavator is complete with a light–up display and decorative side panels, 8’ tall, weighs 200lbs., holds an additional 400 lbs maximum, and it’s wicked–cool. Take it for a spin!

Wizard of oz

For Wizard of OZ, we have several cool items: an automated tornado that rigs onto one of our tracks and spins continually as it goes across stage, for one! It adds real drama to your tornado scene. We also have a bubble for Glinda to float in to save the day. The bubble is designed to accommodate Glinda’s big ol’ dress and hat so she can sit comfortably on the seat and make it snow over the poppy field. And if you really want to go back to Kansas after all that? We have real hot air balloon baskets (actual hot air apparatus removed, of course!) to carry the Wizard safely away to Kansas.

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