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27 years

60 Countries
8,000+ productions
3,000,000+ flights

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In spite of that experience, we aren’t set in our ways about how we’ll approach adding flying effects to your production.

Performer Flying

ZFX’s performer flying effect service will assist you in every aspect of incorporating flying into your production.

Scenic Automation


Our eZ-Hoist line of automation products, custom fabrication capabilities, and turnkey solutions can help you achieve any kind of motion.

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ZFX has been instrumental in bringing aerial dance to Washington and Lee campus.
Their knowledgeable engineers research and develop aerial rigs specific for our space, their riggers are not only skilled in their field, they are also educators and artists. They contribute to my aerial dance class in a multitude of ways and continue that relationship with some the students even after the performance is over, guiding and giving feedback on aerial rigging and engineering theses. Most of all, ZFX is a company of artists who are generous collaborators that engage with faculty and students and are excited as we are to explore new aerial avenues.
– Jenefer Davies, Artistic Director, Washington & Lee University

Our Markets

Theater is where we started and what we love most – everything from Broadway to school and church productions. But we also enjoy the challenges that more unusual projects bring. We’ve helped clients like FOX Sports, Toyota, UNIQLO – even NASA – fly and automate sets.

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ZFX offers performer flying and automation packages for all the most popular theatre productions.

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