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Truss Trolley

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This is the ultimate stage trolley to get your show rolling. The eZ-Trolley has a rack and pinion drive so there is no slipping. It doesn’t mind going up and down hill – even at full capacity of one metric ton per trolley. You can manually disengage the mechanical drive to roll these around without power, which makes set up easy, and because the positioning encoder will still be engaged, you won’t lose track of where you are on the track. The eZ-Trolley and track can be mounted on truss, pipes, or whatever you can dream of.

Think of this stage trolley for your LED panel trolley requirements or ant other heavy loads. It’s not just BGV-C1 compliant; it has BGV-C1 certification.

  • Absolute encoder always engaged so there is no loss of position once it’s set
  • Load capacity is 1000kg per trolley, base unit (shown) is two trolleys
  • Manually release of drive train to manually roll along track
  • Built in handles for easy loading an unloading
  • Quiet operation

Note: The eZ-Trolley Track is required when using the eZ-Trolley.

Voltage200-230VAC, 60Hz380-420, 480VAC 50/60Hz
Load Capacity2200 lbs/ 1000 kg
Speed3.3 ft/sec (1 m/s)
Motor Size2hp/ 1.5kw
Motor EncoderTTL IncrementalSin/Cos
Absolute EncoderSSIHiperface, EnDat
Weight212 lbs/ 96 kg
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