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Zero Fleet Deck Winch

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Our eZ-Rider is hands down the best zero fleet deck winch in the industry. The eZ-Rider is built and designed with the end user in mind. Because the eZ-Rider zero fleet winch is only 12″ high it is easy to place anywhere on stage. The eZ-Rider deck winch has 600 pounds of line pull so that means you can pull wagons or any other tracked scenery that weighs up to 6,000 pounds. Because the eZ-Rider is a zero fleet winch, you don’t have to worry about where your first set of pulleys are located. The wire rope always enters and exits the deck winch from the same location.

  • Zero Fleet
  • 600 pounds of line pull
  • Stock travel of 4 ft/sec
  • Drum capacity of 110′
  • Single nut tensioner with 24″ of slack take up
  • Can be used with eZ-Hoist Controls or anyone else’s.
Voltage200-230VAC, 60Hz380-420, 480VAC 50/60Hz
Line Pull6000 lbs/ 114 kgNearly infinite options
Speed4 ft/sec (1,2 m/s)Nearly infinite options
Drum100 ft (30.5 m)Nearly infinite options
Rope1/4″ (6mm)
BrakeMotor BrakeShaft Brake
EncoderHiperfaceSSI, EnDat
Weight400 lbs/ 182 kg
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