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Turntable Machine

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This sleek friction turntable drive will turn heads as well as tables. Our Z-Ro turntable machine is compact and designed to go under the deck and to structurally support what’s sitting on it. The drive wheel is on springs so the drive wheel will always be in contact with your turntable, even if it no perfectly round. The positioning encoder is spring loaded and separate from the driving wheel, so you don’t lose position.

  • Ability to drive turntables or all sizes, loads, and designs
  • Compact size while structurally strong to support your decking
  • Convenient mounting holes on frame
  • Brake has manual release handle
  • Optional portable battery powered brake release
  • We can provide encoders and plugs to work with ANY system
Voltage200-230VAC, 60Hz380-420, 480VAC 50/60Hz
Table Speed20′ dia = 3.8 RPMNearly infinite options
Motor EncoderTTL IncrementalSin/Cos
Absolute EncoderSSIHiperface, EnDat
Weight300 lbs/ 136 kg
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