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Automation Console

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The eZ-Go is an automation console for the people. What you need, where you need, and when you need it, this console makes the cueing and the GO-ing eZ.

The eZ-Go stage automation console specifically for our Raynok control system. It comes with dual two-axis large joysticks for those times when you need to manually move things or just need to add that human touch. It has a 3D mouse to make viewing your 3D environment easy, eight programmable macro buttons. Even with all of these feature the eZ-Go stage automation console is still safe, it has built-in three position hold-to-run bar and optional foot pedal. Since the eZ-Go plugs into our eZ-E Stop all of teh safety features are SIL3 compliant and monitored by safety devices.

The eZ-Go automation console is not required when using our control system but once you get your hands on this bad boy, you wont want it to leave your side. This PC wing really is the wingman* you want when you’re flying.

*Awesome helmet stenciled with Maverick sold separately.

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