What does ZFX stand for?  QUALITY!

Seriously – does it stand for the Z axis?  Is it for the “Zealous” way we pursue our craft? Zen and the Art of Flying Effects?  Or do we just like the letter Z?  By the way, this website is also brought to you by the letters F and X.

We’re not quite as literal when defining what ZFX stands for – we stand for craftsmanship, safety, ingenuity, and for providing the best customer service experience possible for each and every one of our clients.  That’s way too complicated for a catchy acronym.

We’ve made our name in the flying effects industry by thinking outside of the box from the very beginning.  We don’t have set in stone choreography for our productions – we prefer to create with our clients on the fly instead of telling them what others have done.  We don’t stop revising and streamlining our gear and flying systems – every different production contributes to our flying expertise, and we’re never too set in our ways to learn something new.

ZFX began 20 years ago as an idea in a Las Vegas garage, and is now the largest flying company in the world. 

Our Flying Directors, American Craftsmen and Flying Producers all eat, breathe and sleep flying, and never stop thinking about how to make your flying experience better.  That’s 20 years of thinking about how to make our clients really take flight.

Since our creation, ZFX has proudly grown with nearly 30 employees around the globe who are experts in their craft.  All of our designers and craftsmen are year-round, full-time and dedicated professionals with keen instincts and the highest levels of training.  We are the only flying effects company who has all of the following: in-house, custom design, a full studio dedicated to testing and proof of concept, complete in-house fabrication for custom effects, 3D motion control, quick cue writing, and an AWS certified welding inspector on staff, not to mention the most enthusiastic group of kilt-wearing, free-thinking artists you’ll find.

Every project begins at ground zero. Each flight is a new and unique opportunity unchained from the “that’s-how-its-always-been-done” mentality.  We start each day open-minded and unrestrained, literally, from the moment we get up in the morning and don’t put on our pants.

Some companies refuse to try something new; well, we refuse not to! ZFX is setting the flying standard of this century.