Some people ask us…Why the kilts?

The Kilt is an outward sign of our core philosophy: dare to think different.  It seems unconventional but only by conventional thinking.  You see, we start from scratch without any preconceived notions on everything we do.

If a man, without preconceived ideas, were commissioned to design everyday clothing that was comfortable and practical he would surely design a kilt and not crotch-riding, binding pants.  Why wouldn’t modern men wear kilts when it is undeniably more comfortable and logical?  And while we’re re-thinking things, why does a boy’s bike have a horizontal bar and a girl’s doesn’t?

This same old way of thinking stems from a fear of what’s outside the box and a peculiar need to conform for conformity’s sake.  Not because it is the best idea.

ZFX will not be restrained by that type of thinking.  We don’t believe Peter Pan should fly in the slow style of Mary Martin from the 1950’s.  It was revolutionary and cutting edge then but that was over 50 years ago! We think flying should be dynamic not just nostalgic.

Every project begins at ground zero. Each flight is a new and unique opportunity unchained from the “that’s-how-its-always-been-done” mentality.  We start each day open-minded and unrestrained, literally, from the moment we get up in the morning and don’t put on our pants.

Some companies refuse to try something new; well, we refuse not to! ZFX is setting the flying standard of this century.