Ready to expand your knowledge about the world of performer flying?  Want to know all there is to know about your Nicopress® tool?  Have a flying show coming up and need to figure out how you’re supposed to get everyone in the air?  Just like hanging with the folks from ZFX?  Then sign up for a ZFX workshop!  Pick a workshop from below, download the registration form, fill it out, then email it to

All workshops are held at ZFX’s world headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky and include lunch, snacks, and our world-class swag.

All workshops have a limit of 12 attendees, so sign up soon. 


Introduction to Flying for Performers and Operators

Want a killer new special skill on your resume?  Know that you’ve got a flying show coming up and want to get a leg (or two) up on the process?  Then this two day workshop is for you! Work closely with a ZFX flying director to learn the fundamental skills of flying, whether you’re a performer or an operator. This workshop is primarily about getting up and doing, so be ready for two days of high flying, rope pulling, somersaulting fun. This workshop starts with the basics of getting off the ground and ends with some aerial choreography. Come have a flipping good time learning this highly sought after skill!

Cost: $950
2019 Workshop Dates:  August 9-10

You’re Flying a Show. Now What?

If you’ve chosen a show with flying for your season or are considering a flying show, then this is a must-do workshop.  Geared toward directors, producers, and technical directors, this show reviews everything that you need to know before your flying director rolls into your venue. Flying a show can feel overwhelming, but this workshop will put you at ease with a thorough explanation of the creative, technical, and production needs associated with getting your performers in the air.  Led by a ZFX flying director and a ZFX flying producer, this workshop not only addresses general issues with performer flying, but also helps attendees with their particular concerns.  Already contracted with another flying effects company? We’re not offended. Come join us anyway! All attendees receive a $500 discount off flying for their show if they contract with ZFX within a year of the workshop!  (Limit one discount per show.)

Cost: $450                
2019 Workshop Dates:  August 12

How To Apply:

  1. Download the Registration Form
  2. Fill the form out using the free program Adobe Acrobat
  3. Email the completed form to