ZFX & Apex Stages

At the recent LDI show in Las Vegas ZFX teamed up with Apex Stages to showcase one of their newest offerings.  Apex set up one of their portable stages on the show floor and presented live performances throughout the day.  ZFX was on hand with one of our eZHoists to provide an added dimension for the aerialist lyra performance.  One of the most interesting aspects of this job was the rigging of the ZFX hoist.  Our very own Capn’ Stu was able to rig the hoist to the underside of the stage rather than mounting it on the show floor.  This not only preserved the portable aspect of the stage itself, but also allowed for the added movement of a hoist without detracting from the performance with a lot of machinery in view of the audience.  The final effect was a real crowd pleaser for LDI visitors.

ZFX Master Class

Just in case you didn’t know already the SETC conference will be held in Louisville next March!!  ZFX is offering a pre-conference master class open to all interested parties.  You must be over the age of eighteen to participate, but that is really the only requirement.  Whether you are a seasoned performer, or someone on the technical side of things, this will be a great learning experience for all involved.  Please check out the link below to the SETC News for more information.  Registration opens Oct. 15th and we expect sessions to fill up fast, so make sure and book your spot early.



ZFX and the West Australian Ballet

Have teamed up for the World Premiere of Pinocchio.  Our flying director Jason Schumacher has been in Perth Australia for the last several weeks helping them incorporate some flying into the show.  Working with both performers and technicians, he has been able to really bring the show to another level.  This isn’t the first ballet production Jason (or Schu as we like to call him) has been involved in.  His technical skill and artistic insight when it comes to choreography make him an invaluable part of the production team.  Opening night is this weekend, we can’t wait to hear the rave reviews!

Weekend Workshop

ZFX was glad to be able to host some of our neighbors this weekend  for a one day workshop in the dojo.  A small group of students from Berea college here in Kentucky joined us Saturday to learn about the basics of theatrical flying.  Flying Directors Stu Cox and Cody Beseda were on hand to make sure a safe and educational experience was had by all.  They had a great time introducing a whole new generation of theatrical professionals to the wonders of flight.  Students, who were all part of Berea’s Theatre Lab program spent the day learning the basics and getting some hands on time with the equipment.

ZFX & Fox Sports Entertainment

How about a big round of applause for Brian, Schu, and the rest of the ZFX team who have been out in LA. for the last several weeks.  ZFX Inc. was chosen as the certified rigging experts for the new studio at Fox Sports Entertainment.  This has meant some long days and plenty of challenges for our intrepid crew who met each one with creativity and artistry.


Our very own Robert Dean and Stu Cox will be on their way to London Ontario next week.  They will be there attending the 22nd annual conference and trade show for the Canadian Institute  of Theatre Technology.  We have a booth at the trade show this year, so if you find yourself in London (Ontario that is) please stop by and say hello, we’ll be at both #220.

PLASA Events Announce Internationally Renowned Speakers For Conference

ZFX founder Robert Dean will be on hand at the PLASA rigging conference in London this September leading a discussion on performer flying and aerial performance.  They will be exploring topics ranging from safety to recent innovations and advances in technology.  With 20+ years in the business his expertise and insight should make for an interesting talk.  Be sure to check conference listings for exact times and dates.

ZFX was also involved in the the PLASA focus show in Nashville earlier this month.  This was the first time ZFX had taken part in one of these smaller regional PLASA events and was very pleased with the result.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth, we look forward to seeing some of you in London.

ZFX Waterjet

ZFX Inc. Launches ZFX Waterjet adding 2 Flow Waterjet machines to it’s full service Louisville machine shop.

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ZFX & Bard College

As part of it’s SummerScape series Bard college will be presenting the first staged revival of the original 1887 version of  The King in Spite of Himself (Le Roi malagre Lui).   This Belle Epoque treasure includes as part of the scenic design a human size bird cage, and that’s where ZFX comes in.  With our team of designers and expert craftsmen ZFX is the perfect choice for fabricating safe and effective scenic pieces that are also visually stunning.   Just take a look at our Phantom Chandelier.

Eurovision Song Contest

ZFX Europe is in rehearsals for the biggest TV event in Europe; the Eurovision song contest!  Check it out here: http://www.eurovision.tv/page/baku-2012 This year it is held in Baku Azerbaijan.  We had most of the Dutch team there (Han, Kim, Sander, Martijn, and Sammy) along with eight Ez-Hoist in two venues.