Do you want to learn how to “come to fun” instead of how to “go to work?”  Try being an Intern at ZFX.

We are currently looking for interns in the following areas:  Automation, Engineering, Marketing, Costumes and Technical Manual Writing.  You might even want to intern in an area we weren’t considering… that is until you mentioned it.

ZFX is a fast paced, creative, and just down right fun place where you will learn a lot in a short amount of time.   Someone once told me, “There is a line a mile long of people who would pay to get this experience!”  If you can sell us on why you deserve this opportunity you can intern in any facet of ZFX and get paid too.  Although the pay is meager the experience will be invaluable.  For special people, we will create an internship.

Think you’re special?  Prove it. Here is a roadmap.  All you need to do is send the following to

1-      A heartfelt letter about why you want to intern at ZFX.  Show some character and your personality.  Don’t make it boring or too starchy.  Use your imagination—‘cause this letter will make or break your chances. You wanted a shot? Well, here it is. Don’t blow it.  Remember “a line a mile long of people” are also applying.

2-      Your resume–and don’t put anything on it that you can’t do the minute you walk in the door.  If you list “welding” then we expect you can lay a bead and adjust all those fancy knobs on the front of the machine.  We are more concerned about what you want to learn than you exaggerating what you already know.

3-      What area of ZFX most interests you?  Such as Flying Director, Fabrication, Choreography, Marketing, Automation, Design, Management, Flying Performer/Aerialist, Leadership, Stand Up Comedy, etc…  Since this is an internship you will be all-hands-on-deck all-day every-day.  Once in a while you might actually get to work in the area you requested….)

4-      Send a photo or head shot so we have face to put with that heartfelt letter.

5-      List what you have of the four “A’s.”  AttitudeArtistryAptitude, and Ambition (does that count as five A’s?).

Attitude means of course the right attitude.  Explain how you listen when corrected instead of defensively saying you already knew that or it wasn’t your fault.  Tell us how you’re easy to get along with and how well you play with others.

Artistry is your creativity.  It doesn’t’ have to be in singing, dancing, or painting.  Every facet of the company requires an artist.  Send samples of your creativity in your art.  We want artists.

Aptitude is not about what you already know, it’s about how much you can learn.  Tell us how you adapt and learn quickly.  Examples are a great way to demonstrate.

Ambition means we want to know what lofty goals you have in life and more importantly how you plan on achieving them.  We don’t want this opportunity to go to waste.

See any patterns?  We know what we want and will not settle.

Although an internship at ZFX does not guarantee a job, it does guarantee a life experience.

If you don’t have a sense of humor, don’t bother: this will not be the environment for you.