We are first and foremost a flying company, and that means that our main focus is on the artistic part of the effect.  We have many technical tools to choose from to achieve our lofty artistic goals.  Automation is just one tool we use to create the desired flying effects within the parameters of the client’s needs and limitations.  We never lose sight of the idea that it’s all about the flying, not all about the automation!

With that said, our automation is pretty badass!  Our eZ-Hoist brand features multiple styles of stock hoists (listed below).  We invite you to check out the eZ-Hoist website at www.ez-hoist.com to learn more about the hoist collection.  These hoists are made to plug and play with all of the most common theatrical automation control systems, even the ones made in Rhode Island.

If those tools won’t get the job done we are able to design, build, wire, program and test hoists completely in-house.  We have the fastest lead time on building hoists: our eZ-Hoists go from raw materials to the test bed in a mere 10 hours (some groups can’t even get you a quote in that time!).  Yeah, that includes powder coating, grooving the drums, and wiring.  They may say that you can only pick two from Good, Fast and Cheap, but at ZFX we do our best to get you at least 2 ½ of those.

eZFN:  These compact but powerful hoists are specially designed to fit in any space or catwalk, anytime anywhere!  Whether you’re lifting performers or scenery, this hoist is an efficient, quiet solution that can be cued or free-hand operated by joystick.  Click here for more information.

eZ-R: These zero-fleet hoists are specially designed to provide an effective solution for creative angel flights and ascensions in tight spaces.  They are designed to be reeved in the following configurations: single wire, 2-wire, and Roll-on/Roll-off.  Click here for more information.

Z-Spot:  It’s not a myth!  ZFX has hoists for all of your theatrical needs, not just for flying.  The Z-Spot hoist is perfect for permanent installs on grids and can lift pretty much anything you ask it to (you don’t even have to say please!)  For more information, click here.

Z-RO:  Our practically designed, ergonomic turntable features top of the line components by Mayr, SEW, TER, Dodge, Igus, Martin, Harting, and (of course) ZFX.  Click here for more information.

eZ-Trolley: These sleek machines are the most well-thought-out trolley solution for large scale events.  They’re designed to move metric tons, removing all limitations from your creative process. For more information, click here.

BIG eZ: Talk about bigger, stronger, faster!  These hoists can go the distance for extreme effects.  We used these awesome hoists on the Strip in Las Vegas for Mr. Chao’s hang-glider flight in The Hangover III.  Click here for more information.

eZ-TBD: None of the above hoists meeting your specs?  No problem, we are literally designing new hoists every week.  (And we’re not speaking figuratively when we say literally!)  Let our Designers, Fabricators, and Automation Specialists create an amazing and sexy hoist just for you!

eZ-E:  Click here for more information.