At ZFX, we take pride in challenging ourselves and taking our creativity to the next level.  We jump at the chance to work on projects that let us stretch our creative muscles in new ways, from permanent installations in a multi-story department store (featuring flying mannequins!) to working on the 2010 Vancouver Olympics or soaring over Toronto’s Nuit Blanche.  We’ve even built a hoist for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Labs.

Our crack team of American Craftsmen design, fabricate, construct and test all of our specialty equipment in-house.  We have a full machine shop with waterjet machines, drum lathes and an enormous powdercoat oven to make your ideas a reality, and giant warehouse space to test them in.  If you can dream it, ZFX can do it.

Contact ZFX with your next special project and let us be a part of your creative team.  You’ll never know what ZFX is capable of until you ask!  And we LOVE being asked.