ZFX proudly employs American Craftsmen and we thank you for your support.  If you see our seal, you know you’re getting something built with pride.

The ancestors of the Old World Craftsman (Homo Erect-it) first appeared around the Stone Age and evolved away from Homo Sapiens during the Bronze and Iron Ages. By the Industrial Revolution the American Craftsman had evolved into its own distinct species: Homo Sapiens Amer-I-Can.

The American Craftsman shares the eye for detail, resourcefulness, resolve, and spirit of industry with the Old World Craftsman but has a unique “Yankee Ingenuity” that differentiates it as a species.

Although Old World Craftsman populations are in decline due to a general loss of habitat, the American Craftsman has been particularly susceptible.  Once there were millions of American Craftsmen that roamed North America but now they are on the endangered species list and headed for extinction.

It’s not too late to ensure the survivability of the species.  Every time you purchase goods or services from a small business that employs American Craftsmen you help the species make a comeback. Just by demanding quality in the products and service you buy, you will help the American Craftsman come back from the brink of extinction, help the middle class, patriotically help the country and help save the environment too!

No, seriously.  That much good comes from demanding quality.  Your grandparents expected heirloom quality and so should you.  At  ZFX, we’re obsessed with  quality.  Let’s face it, almost everything in entertainment is last minute and rush-rush.  To ensure quality control, we design, fabricate, and construct all of our specialty equipment in-house.  We have the only facility specifically for Black Oxide treatment of wire rope in the USA.  We are also one of the (very) few flying companies that make flying effects harnesses in-house.  Why?  So we can make sure that our flying equipment, harnesses and wire rope are quality controlled to our exacting specifications, down to the very last thread, wire, or bolt.