What does ZFX do well? EVERYTHING. But seriously, when it comes to theatrical flying, we are the people to talk to. Theatre is where we started and what we love.

There is nothing like the rush of a live production where the pressure is on and the audience is ready!  Whether you are a performer on stage, or pulling the ropes backstage, theatre is a living thing that moves and breathes with everyone who is a part of it.  THAT is why the people here at ZFX have a passion for theatre and love to be a part of it!

When it comes to your theatrical production, everything that YOU need to make flying happen, we can provide it.  From the equipment, to the rigging, to the harnesses, to the choreography, to the training of the operators, to creating seamless transitions with wire hook ups, our creative team at ZFX is able to educate, train, and become a part of your cast and crew to make your artistic vision come to life.

Have an odd space and not sure if you can fly?  Try us! We have flown in some pretty interesting spaces including amphitheaters, thrust spaces, extremely low ceilings and even a barn!  We are able to fly in almost ANY space and would love to work with you to make your artistic dreams come true.  We also offer site surveys, where we send out one of our flying directors to assess your space, putting to rest your worries and concerns about the possibility of flying.

Please don’t decide for yourself that your space is not fit for flying.  We can get pretty creative and still stay within budget.  In fact, challenge us, if nothing else!